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Read To Know About HIPAA Compliance While Using Your Mobile Phones 

by Clare Louise

HIPAA compliance legally defines the protection standard for any patient’s health information and ensures the security criteria that are to be followed. In every step of patient care, there must be provisions for maintaining the privacy and security of patients.

Every hospital must always make HIPAA texting to meet the requirement for continuous communication that may happen between clinicians that are often too time-consuming. Whether the communication is between a nurse and physician or an EMT and any emergency room trauma team, all communications should not only be immediate but also remain secure. 

HIPAA has therefore worked to remain up to date with the present-day mobile technology. Usually, mobile phones and data security regulations were often viewed as totally opposite poles in healthcare.  

In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was at a peak, the use of mobile phones within the healthcare industry had boomed. The rapid implementation of telehealth and also various work-from-home platforms meant for medical practitioners has frozen this new phase where mobile phones are commonplace. 

Now, 93% of medical professionals consider that mobile health apps can help to improve patients’ health. Let us, therefore, discuss what can be various security risks if all this massaging is not HIPPA compliant.

  • Mobile device activity may compromise electronic PHI which healthcare systems may not afford due to financial losses or any reputational damage among the patients and stakeholders.
  • Mobile devices may not be as secure as your in-house computers.  Also, mobile phones are not equipped with any protective technology like firewalls, encryption, and antivirus software. 
  • Anyone can misplace their mobile phones and hence any unauthorized person may get access to certain sensitive information. 
  • Transmitting any data via text over an unsecured Wi-Fi system can compromise your data while working remotely. 
  • Inadequate or also lack of authentication 
  • Using a certain outdated operating system, 
  • Sharing mobile devices with any others can expose your confidential data.

Benefits of HIPAA compliant

Secure messaging

Medical professionals must be very cautious while sharing any unsecured patient information even within their own medical fraternity. Making the messages HIPAA compliant will offer full guard of any PHI. All the messages will be encrypted while allow making open communication between different users.

Easy to use

HIPAA compliant messages will not only be protected and secure, but also they are quite easy and simple to use. It can work on both Wi-Fi as well as with cellular networks for ensuring no gaps in your service. The concerned people can easily respond to various messages through a single-click message response feature.

Remote device management

There will be a few more added safety features that are provided by the various software developed by a few companies that can make all messaging very secure while they are transmitted by using any kind of remote device.  

This will also enable an administrator to do various things like enforcing general policy, disable or delete any data. 

HIPAA compliant texting apps can offer medical professionals a very secure way to integrate all their text messages a safe way to communicate and improve their working too.

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