If you are an employer and looking to hire your customer service support team, chances are that you might have a hard time finding a potential talent pool. This very reason has led to the popularizing of the concept of remote customer services. It has been projected that by the year 2028, 73% of global businesses will have a completely remote workforce. 

Businesses today have many reasons to go remote, be it natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, or pandemics like the recent COVID-19, hiring remote customer service agents could make the work easier for the businesses to maintain cordial relationships with their customers anytime, anywhere. 

Apart from this, here are a few more reasons for you to consider:-

  1. To solve the staffing issue

Hiring a potential customer support team could be a time-consuming and exhaustive process. Issuing a hiring notice, going through thousands of resumes, setting up meetings could be a tedious job. 

While hiring remote customer service agents online is a much easier and faster process. You get to choose your team from a larger talent pool and hire them at a faster rate than the traditional method since you could communicate online, saving both time and resources. 

  1. Reduces the hassle of managing the entire team

Opting for remote customer service agents would save you from juggling through a large team since it becomes difficult to administer each member regularly when you have quite the number to look into. 

  1. Promotes environment-friendly practices

Switching over to remote services benefits the environment in its way. As the employees need not be physically present at their office, this reduces the pollution caused due to traveling and increases their productivity. Working from home puts less strain on the resources hence, benefiting the environment. 

  1. Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty

Having remote customer service agents allows a company to empower them with the best tools they need and more flexible working hours thus, resulting in employee satisfaction and high productivity. 

One benefit of employing agents from different time zones is that it ensures that you have someone available to answer your customers at any time of the day without any delay. Hiring quality agents helps in customer retention and building customer loyalty towards your business. 

  1. Lets you hire the best

Remote hiring lets you have the best talent pool across the globe without any geographical or other limitations. You don’t have to stick around the few options available nearby. Instead, you can look for the ones that suit your requirements and help your company grow. 

The ulterior motive of a company is to provide the best customer experience to maintain its growth. 

Hiring through VOIZ

Bringing the wave of innovation in Customer experience services, VOIZ helps in keeping your business on top. Here at VOIZ, Companies can scrutinize CX agents as per their requirements by conducting interviews through inbuilt communication channels and hence select the best-suited talent. 

The process for hiring CX agents goes like this: 

  1. Pick a CX model- It lets you choose if you want to build a CX team or hire a CX team through VOIZ.
  2. Post your project- After selecting the model, one has to share CX job requirements like process, team size, and timing expectations.
  3. Selection of applications- Based on the project necessity you can connect, collaborate and choose the best-suited CX team for your company.
  4. Manage your CX process- VOIZ has made it feasible to track and monitor your metrics for measuring customer acquisition, retention, and growth through VOIZ’s dashboard.