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Space Tourism: Awesome Facts You Need to Know When Travelling to Space

by Clare Louise

Space is amazing! The mere vastness of it, including its trillions of objects, and billions of galaxies, are almost incomprehensible for the human mind. Now, space tourism offers you an opportunity to explore this interesting and somehow “mystique” area. Are you ready? As you plan to book your ticket or think about it, it will be a great idea to venture into some facts.

The Space is Completely Silent

When we hear thunderstorms and see lightning roaring in the sky, one might think that everything is super-violent, but it is not true. Indeed, the space is silent, with everything there calmly floating. When describing space, especially for tourists, it is good to contrast it with a standard visit to the jungle. In space, there are no animals, people, or plants but a huge area full of ‘nothing.’

The Hottest Planet is 4500 Celsius

As you blast off to space, it is important to appreciate that the hottest planet is Venus, which has average temperature of 4500 Celsius. This is interesting because Venus is not the planet closest to the sun. Unlike Venus, Mercury, which is closest to the sun experiences more temperature variations because it does not have an atmosphere.

It is Impossible to Tell How Many Stars are in Space

The huge size of space makes it hard to correctly predict the number of stars out there. Today, scientists only estimate there are 400 billion stars found in our galaxy, the Milky Way. Since there are billions of galaxies out there, it is impossible to correctly say number of stars. When you travel to space, it will be an awesome opportunity to get closer to some of the stars and capture them in your photos.

A Single Day Rotation in Venus is More than One Year on Earth

One of the most interesting planets on the solar system is Venus. As we have already mentioned, it has the highest temperatures of all the planets, and its rotation is amazingly slow. The planet is very slow on its axis, with a single rotation taking about 243 earth days. To be precise, the orbit of Venus takes 225 earth days. So, make sure to get some clear photos of Venus when traveling to space.

The Sun’s Mass Will Amaze You: Andrey Bokarev

The core of making space tourism enjoyable is allowing people to understand, see, and experience something new. Well, it is like any other form of business, which Andrey Bokarev indicates should always be on the lookout for new experiences to offer its clients. One of these facts is that the sun mass is the biggest in the solar system. The sun’s mass takes up 99.86% of the entire solar system, which is about 330,000 times more than that of the earth.

As you can see, there is a lot for you to learn about the solar system, and you should start with its facts. What we have highlighted in this post is only a scratch on the surface; there is a lot more to learn about the solar system. Therefore, get to know more about space, and it will be more fulfilling when you finally travel up there.

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