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The Reasons to Archive WeChat Messages

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More and more companies leverage instant messaging (IM) applications for their communication. These apps allow users to communicate with businesses more conveniently and faster. People can instantly relay text messages, call, or send photos or videos. Privacy-wise, the most popular messaging platforms Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp enable individuals to encrypt their conversations end-to-end. This way, they can keep everything confidential.


WeChat has also joined the ranks of popularly used IM apps with more than 1.2 million active monthly users. Unfortunately, businesses must abide by WeChat compliance FINRA or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This United States-based regulatory commission requires organizations to save and make all business-related communications available per Rule 3110 (b) (4) and Rule Series 4510.


Businesses can address regulatory concerns by investing in a WeChat archiving solution. Companies might facemillion-dollar fines if proven guilty of neglect of the prevailing laws. The amount is enough to shut down businesses. If not for the hefty cost, investing in FINRA compliance chat text messaging apps is also important to protect the organization’s image. People look for businesses that can give them assurance in digital security. Users would most likely avoid enterprises with data leak history.


Archiving WeChat can also provide neutral party comprehensive records of interactions between customers and companies. With the archiver, manipulating information by deleting messages or terminating the account makes no sense. This is because the solution saves all digital messages. 


Companies can manually archive their WeChat messages or hire third-party automation software. Manual archiving has serious drawbacks. This optionallows users to erase data that the company will not know. If the device where the backup data is stored crashes, the information will also be lost forever.

To eliminate the manual processes, companies can instead outsource their WeChat archiving. The automated system can handle the operations across multiple platforms. 

Businesses must only look for a trusted archiving solution provider, like LeapXpert. Clients can send their inquiries via our contact page.


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