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Three factors that affect industrial battery efficiency and its solution

by Danny White

Over the last few decades, batteries have been some of the most crucial assets of any manufacturing-based industry. In fact, research suggests that industrial level battery makes up to 90 percent of power supply to the production plant.

And as you must be knowing that a good, as well as steady electricity for a company, can make a huge difference at the end.

But even with such importance, a majority of the firms never pay attention to the efficiency of their batteries due to some of the other reasons. Ignoring health and effectiveness will only bring problems in the long run.

Thus, in order to get rid of future problems related to battery, take a look at common factors which affect the efficiency of the battery.

Factors that affect industrial battery efficiency

  • Charge Current

For the lithium-ion battery, this factor plays a key role efficiently and also determines the life span of the battery at the same time. That is why experts recommended keeping the electric current under control or moderate level when it comes to charging the battery.

At this very moment, it is quite obvious to ask how the current level can affect the smart generation industrial batteries? Well, to your knowledge, any normal battery is introduced to changes in the battery’s inner chemistry while charging. And guess what? Charging at a high voltage simply worsens the overall effect.

  • Battery Temperature

Battery temperature refers to the internal as well as the external body temperature. According to many experts, the lithium-ion battery needs to be charged at a temperature range of 0°C to 45°C.

But most of the time, batteries, especially industrial battery tend to exceed this temperature limit immensely when over consumed for industrial purposes. Keeping your battery at a high temperature reduces the overall life span and makes them vulnerable to adverse climatic conditions.

Heat also results in cathode electrolyte oxidation, which can then eventually result in a loss of capacity.

  • Battery age

Does not matter whether it is a living organism or a non-living battery. The age factor can tell everything about the efficiency. The more battery age results in low efficiency and effectiveness.

Battery aging causes the overall loss of capacity, electrolytes will turn solid, and you can see a build-up of lithium-ion on electrodes.

Alright, so what is the solution for all these issues? And how can we protect the battery efficiency?

Industrial battery testing

The only best solution to solve all these problems related to the battery is to know the problems. Industrial battery testing helps you know the core issue that might reduce the life span of your battery.

Industrial battery testing also helps to know whether you have to replace the battery or continue using it and till when it can be used for industrial purposes.

Apart from all this, battery testing or battery inspection is one and the only way you can easily know the actual performance of your battery and how efficient it is.

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