Want to make some guest posts? Tips for finding the best blogs for guest blogging

Taking the decision that you want to make some guest post on a blogging website is very easy but finding a blog that can help us publish our blog is a difficult task. Yes, it is very rightly said that when we see the best SEO activities, then the guest blogging is at the top, due to which we have made our mind. But when it comes to finding the blog, we feel that all the websites used to publish the blogs.

Later on, we have figured out some ways and tips through which we can find out which blogs can help us in out in the race of SEO. We have gained some fantastic results that are why I thought that it is just that we share the tips with others also that we have applied. So, let us go.

Try to leverage a good list of guest posts website 

First of all, people should keep in mind that they should start making a list of all the guest post websites operating in their niche. If we take, for example, then we are operating in the law field, and to increase the lawyer, business’s reach, we have started finding legal blogs that accept guest posts

After making a list, we have started comparing all the websites through our SEO tool and checked the website’s scores and the website’s authority thoroughly. The website that has the best authority can be the one which one can use.

Google the services that you are offering

To find out the websites offering guest blogging, you should start searching for the services you are offering. Our business’s most significant benefit through this activity is that we have come across plenty of websites that are publishing blogs for some third party websites.

Also, you will get in touch with the niche specific websites which is the best to publish the blog posts. The first website on which we personally have hosted our business blog was BestuslawyersIt has filtered out and sent the best audience who are interested in enjoying the services that we are offering.

Look at your competitor’s blogs 

The next method that we have adopted is to start looking that what our competitors are doing. We have started tracking their websites and saw that where they are posting their blogs due to which they are growing. After that, we have started approaching those websites and started offering them something that our competitors are not offering.

One can promise high-quality blogs, which will increase their website ranking also, and you will get a place to host yourself. This way, the chances of your guest blogging are very high. You can find the blog for guest blogging by using the search queries such as legal blog write for us.


Use an appropriate tool for searching 

The last tip is related to the use of SEO tools. The best tools are made in such a way that most of the people get all of their business and competitor’s information through them. The blogging website is like your competitor for the tool as they are posting the same as you are doing. This is the technique that we have used, and we have compiled a list of the best blogs which can allow us to host our guest post on their website.