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Web Design and Development-Career paths available in this exciting field!

by Danny White

If you’ve always longed to turn your technical skills into a lucrative career, now is the time tolearn to create websites. Online web design and development curriculum gives students theopportunity to develop a broad range of skills, from conceptualization to creative direction. WebDesign and Development curriculum includes everything you need to know about building a sitefromdesigningtointeractiveandfunctionaldevelopment.Withthehelpofonlinewebdesignanddevelopment training, you’ll learn how to build and maintain your company’s website, includingdesignstrategyandwebdevelopment tools,clientworkflows,and businesssystems.

degreeinwebdevelopmentopensmanydoorsforawebdesignerandwebdeveloper.Webdevelopment jobs can be found in both large and small companies, providing you with theopportunity to grow your career as you seek higher-level positions. The ability to help clientsachieve their online goals enables you to become more flexible in your job offerings and openyourself up to a variety of new job possibilities. In addition, a degree in web design anddevelopment opens up many opportunities for web developer job openings, such as userexperience and interface design, visual communication, information technology, and businessdevelopment.

Information technology (IT) jobs provide the backbone for modern businesses. You may work oninformationtechnologyprojectsinatraditionalofficesetting,onawebsitedevelopmentteaminadowntown loft, or in the heart of a corporate campus. As a web designer and web developer, youcan helpprovide e-commercefunctionality,user experience,webcontent, andsecuritysolutions. With an information technology degree, you can be a computer support technician,networkadministrator,softwareengineer,oravirtualassistant.

Web design and development professionals are in high demand. A bachelor’s degree inwebsitedesignanddevelopmentisjustthebeginningofyoursuccessfulcareer.Youmusthavesolidtechnicalskillsinadditiontocreative,businesssavvymanagerialtalents.Thisisespeciallytrueformaintenanceandupdatingwebsites,whichisacrucialpartofmaintainingwebsitesthatare set up to sell products and services. A degree in this field can lead to positions maintainingwebsites for major corporations, eCommerce businesses, and individual websites that allowcustomerstointeractwithproductsandservices.

Graphic design and web designcombine to create aestheticallypleasing websites andappealingcontentmanagementsystems.Whenyouchoosetoenrollinadegreeprogramfocused on web design and development, you will learn the basics of creating aestheticallypleasingwebsitesthroughclassessuchasinterfacedesign.Youwilllearnaboutcreatingwebcontent through topics such as web standards and conventions, graphic design tools, andcontent management systems. You will also gain hands-on experience by participating ininternshipprogramsandworkinginseveralonlineindustryrelatedfields.

If you plan to work in the internet marketing or eCommerce field, you will be required to mastercontent management system skills as well as website development. As a web designer, you willoften work directly with the customer to create unique visual communication that engages andconvinces them. Most graphic designers are often involved in content management systemdevelopment as well, which involves the creation of databases, user interfaces, and shoppingcartsusedtofacilitateonlinesalesandtransactions.Theversatilityofferedbygraphicdesignersis vast, making them an invaluable asset in both the world of website development and graphicdesign.

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