What Are the Benefits of a Whole-House Generator?

Property owners learn that whole-house generators provide a great way to protect their homes during a power outage. The systems are wired throughout the property and supply adequate power during an outage. Homeowners won’t face serious risks if they install the systems and use them as directed.

Faster Switching Between Power Sources

With a generator transfer switch, the property owner can switch between their utility system and their generator. When the lights go out, they can flip a switch and have immediate access to power when they need it. The property owner won’t have to go outside and start up a generator. It is connected to the entire house, and the generator has its own power switch inside the property.

Protecting Your Food During an Outage

During power outages, homeowners may lose all the food in their refrigerator and freezer. For many, this loss is too costly, and they may not have the funds to replace the food. By installing a whole-house generator, the property owner won’t have to worry about losing groceries, and they will have plenty of power to keep the refrigerator and freezer running throughout the utility outage. This is a major advantage for many families that choose to store food in their homes rather than going to the store every day.

Keeping the Home at A Comfortable Temperature

Extreme temperatures can increase serious health risks for property owners, and once the power goes out, they won’t have access to heating or cooling services. A whole-house generator could operate the heating or cooling system until the local utilities have been restored. This could give homeowners better protection against the cold or extreme heat.

Lowering Home Security Risks

For many homeowners, if the power goes out, their home security systems are shut down completely. This is a major problem for homeowners who need the systems to keep their homes safe. By installing a whole-house generator, the security systems stay on throughout the power outage, and homeowners have more peace of mind. Their security systems will continue to record around and inside their homes throughout the power outage.

Keeping Your Devices Charged Fully

A common problem for homeowners these days is that, once the power goes out, they could lose access to family and loved ones. Unless they have a solar charging dock, the property owner could use up the battery on their smartphone or tablet within a few hours.

This could present serious risks if the property owner or a family member needs emergency services during the power outage. By installing a whole-house generator, the property owner can recharge their devices and keep adequate battery life throughout storms and other events that lead to power outages.

Property owners consider the benefits of installing a whole-house generator when choosing the right systems. The whole-house generator can provide adequate power throughout the entire outage. It will give the property owners peace of mind and prevent them from sitting in the dark for hours. Homeowners can learn more about the systems by contacting a service provider now.