What Are The Steps You Should Follow To Hide Or Remove The Recycle Bin?

Every Windows user is familiar with the Recycle Bin icon whenever they use their initial system. This is considered to be the mainstay feature that happens to be synonymous with all personal computers. People use this folder to keep their deleted and unwanted files and folders. However, if a person finds that he does not require the use of the recycle bin, he can hide it.

Processes To Hide Or Remove The Recycle Bin (Windows 10)

Windows 10 is considered to be the foundation of Windows 11; hence, it does not seem surprising that the procedure to remove this folder in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 is the same. If you need more information, you can log in to Windowsfixhub.com. Nonetheless, to hide or remove it, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

Go to the Start Menu, and from here, choose Settings. Alternatively, you can go for the shortcut keys: Windows + /. You have to go to the Personalization choice. From here, choose Themes and choose Desktop icon settings. From the icon settings, you have to select the field “Recycle Bin,” and it will remain checked by default. However, you must uncheck it, and after you click on the button “Apply,” you will find the Recycle Bin hidden on the desktop. If you wish to bring back the Recycle Bin on your desktop, you have to go through the above steps again. You need to ensure that you have ticked the box closer to the recycle bin. After this, you have to choose Apply, and it will bring it back to your desktop.

The Procedure Of Hiding Or Removing The Recycle Bin (Windows 11)

If you use Windows 11, you will find that the procedure of hiding or removing the Recycle Bin is pretty similar to doing those activities on Windows 10. All you need to do is follow some simple steps. First, right-click on the open space on your desktop, and then select Personalize. Then select the Themes option present in the Settings app. When you visit the subsequent page of the Settings, you will see the Related Settings, and from here, you have to select Desktop icon settings. It will open up a different window. Under the window “Desktop icon settings,” you have to uncheck the options given for the Recycle Bin before clicking on Apply. It will remove the Recycle Bin icon from your desktop. If you wish to include the Recycle Bin on your desktop, you ought to repeat all the steps mentioned above. In this process, you should be sure to tick the box that is close to the Recycle Bin. After this, choose Apply so that you get it on your desktop.

Going With Experts

As the Recycle Bin is the chief component of Windows’s functioning, you won’t be able to get rid of it for good. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will not be able to see them on your desktop. To gain more information on hiding or removing Recycle Bin, click on Windowsfixhub.com.