Why do some users need a dedicated IP?

There are times when you require personal usage of things. For instance, it can range from having your own work desk, your own hair brush or even your own personal mug. Why do people require these things? For personal benefits! That’s why! Among this list of personal preferences, a dedicated IP is something many internet users require. Why? Keep reading and find out! But, first, let’s start with the basics and understand what a dedicated IP is.

What is a dedicated IP? And why do people need it?

A dedicated IP is an IP address that’s created specifically only for a single user, account or website. It’s mainly used for website owners or those who host multiple websites over one platform. A dedicated IP or dedicated IP address is specifically to build a business’ identity. For instance, with a dedicated IP address you’ll be able to access your website with it instead of entering the entire domain name in your browser.

There are also instances where users require a dedicated IP to access local or international streaming services that might be blocked or restricted to only a few countries around the world.

They require personalization because if too many users share an IP address and one of them uses it for illegal reasons, this could cause some major issues for the other user.

 So, for double anonymity and access to the internet using a personal IP, many users look for the best dedicated IP VPN services that offers it.

A dedicated IP is extremely beneficial, and as mentioned above, can help a great deal towards business or website owners. If you’re interested in a few commonly asked questions, take a look below.

Will a dedicated IP get me in trouble?

Now that you’re using a dedicated IP, it’s crucial that you use it wisely. This is because only one user or location or domain is linked to it instead of many. Make sure you use the internet wisely because if not, your IP address can be blacklisted or blocked entirely from places you usually visit.

Can I increase my speeds with a dedicated IP?

That’s one of the most common myths. Just because you’re using a dedicated IP to access websites or to run a website, there are no chances of the speeds increasing. This doesn’t mean that if there are less users over the IP, the lack of overcrowding makes your connection any faster. The speeds solely depend on your local internet connection. However, there is one thing you can do if speed and a dedicated IP is what you require the most. There are top VPN services that offer dedicated IP and that can bypass ISP speed throttling. To get a budgeted option you could choose a provider that’s offering the best VPN deals.

Is a dedicated IP really important?

It is if you don’t want your IP address to get blacklisted. There are quite a lot of circumstances when users sharing an IP address abuse it and spam it so much that it gets detected and blacklisted.