Why Is It Crucial To Backup Your Site Using A Backup Solution Like CodeGuard?

When you launch your site online, you need to store it on a backup monitoring software systems. A website hosting plan allows you to host your site on a server to make it available online. You can choose the right plan based on the requirements of your website. While most site owners focus on features like security, speed, uptimes, etc. while buying a hosting plan, they also need to think about backing up their website regularly. This is important since a backup can help you restore your site if the data gets corrupted or deleted for any reason.

There are numerous tools offering automated backups to site owners. Of these, CodeGuard Website Backup is the most popular due to the benefits offered by it. The following video explains the working of CodeGuard Automatic Backup:


Today, we will talk about website backups and look at why it is important to use a tool like CodeGuard.

Importance of a website backup

Before talking about the benefits of CodeGuard, let’s look at the reasons why a website backup is important:

  • Prevents data loss – A security breach, human error, or hardware issue can result in the site data getting deleted or corrupted. A backup ensures that during such times, you don’t lose the site data.
  • Malware protection – While there are many tools to fight malware, once your site gets infected, getting completely rid of all lines of the malicious code can be difficult. Even if a small part stays behind, it can cause problems. A backup allows you to restore our site to the last known working version.
  • Protection against errors due to updates – Sometimes, an update can result in the server crashing and/or the site’s data getting corrupted or deleted. If you run a backup just before the update, then you can ensure uninterrupted site services even if the site breaks after an update.

How CodeGuard helps?

Here are some benefits offered by CodeGuard that makes it a good website backup tool:

1. Cloud-based storage of the backup files

Once CodeGuard backs up the site’s files, it stores them on S3 by Amazon. While this is a paid cloud storage service, its price is included in the price of a CodeGuard plan. Hence, your backups are stored in the cloud with one of the most secure cloud storage platforms.

2. Smaller backup files

If the website backup service uses the snapshot tool to backup a website, the size of the backup file will be large. However, CodeGuard uses smart compression technology to drastically reduce the size of the backup files. So, if your website is around 200MB in size, then you would need nearly 18GB of backup storage space for 90 days. However, with CodeGuard, you will only need 1GB.

3. MalwareGone™

MalwareGone™ is a malware scanner that is offered free with CodeGuard plans. This helps keep malicious software or malware at bay.

4. Regular website monitoring

CodeGuard monitors your website to identify any change in the files. This allows you to control which files get backed up. This feature allows you to control the backup process.

5. Simple restoration process

Usually, a backup comes in handy when the site crashes. Hence, the restore process should be simple and efficient. With the CodeGuard Backup solution, you can restore your website from its dashboard with a single click straight from the cloud.

Summing Up

CodeGuard backup plans also offer a round-the-clock customer support team that can help solve any queries regarding backing up and/or restoring your site. CodeGuard is reliable and secure and hence preferred by many site owners. If you are looking for a good backup tool, then buy CodeGuard back up today! Good Luck!