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Why Is Shared Hosting The Ideal Choice For WordPress Bloggers?

by Danny White

When you launch a new WordPress blog site, you have to choose between the free WordPress.com services or purchase a web hosting plan for your blog. While most bloggers start with the free service as they are testing the waters, as the readership of the blog grows, the free hosting services restrict its growth. This is when WordPress bloggers start looking for a web hosting service that helps them offer an optimal experience to visitors.

In web hosting, there are numerous options to choose from, like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. They also need to choose between Windows and Linux Hosting based on their site’s needs. While every blog is unique and would require specific features from the hosting plan, Shared Hosting is usually preferred by most WordPress bloggers for a range of reasons explained below.

Reason 1: Shared Hosting is Affordable

Blogging can be lucrative only after you have established a certain level of readership online. Until then, all costs incurred towards the blog site have to be borne by the bloggers. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a web hosting service, bloggers try to look for the most cost-efficient option. Among all the hosting services available, Shared Hosting is the most affordable service since a physical web server is shared between multiple users. Hence, the costs are divided, making it affordable for all users. Further, Linux Web Hosting plans are cheaper than Windows-based plans because Linux is a free platform.

Reason 2: Easy to Use

Running and managing a site can be time-consuming and demand a certain level of technical proficiency. For example, if you opt for a Dedicated Server, you will have complete control over the server but will need to make technical decisions that can impact your site’s performance. Hence, if you are not skilled, then you will need a server administrator to manage it for you. In Shared Hosting, since the server is shared, the control is limited, and the hosting company takes care of most of the security and maintenance tasks. Hence, bloggers can focus on what they are good at – blogging about things they want, without worrying about the technical aspects of keeping their site online.

Reason 3: Enough Resources for a Blog

Any site needs resources like memory, bandwidth, processing power, etc., to handle site visitors. Unless you have a media-heavy blog, the resource requirements of a blogger are minimal. Hence, the resources offered by Shared Hosting plans are usually enough to ensure a well-performing site. Nowadays, many providers have started offering SSD-based Shared Hosting plans that further boost site performance with limited resources.

Reason 4: The Security of the Blog

While blogging is more about sharing information or experiences and blogs don’t tend to have sensitive personal or financial information of their visitors, the security requirements are basic. They need protection against common viruses, malware, and cyberattacks that is offered by most Shared Hosting plans. Premium plans like VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting offer more security options and are preferred by sites that exchange sensitive information. However, for most WordPress bloggers, the security protocols offered by Shared Hosting plans are sufficient.

Further, if you are new to blogging, the following video explains why Shared Hosting is a good option for new bloggers:

Summing Up

As a blogger, you try to connect with people through your posts and content. Hence, it is important to be sensitive to their experience on your site. If your readers find your blog to perform below expectations or have frequent downtimes or a lot of advertisements, then they might turn away and never return. Hence, as your readership grows, it is important to migrate to a hosting plan that can cater to your blog’s resource requirements. Remember to research the options available to you, compare features, and consider all aspects carefully to choose the best Shared Hosting plan for your blog. Good Luck!

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