Why Use Mobile Marketing KPI’s & 5 Important KPI

The key performance indicators must be made in advance for mobile marketing campaigns and should also be easy to evaluate. Whatever you do in life you should set some goals for yourself. Rather than calling goals, you can also call them key performance indicators. KPI mobile marketing is what more organizations are opting for.

What is a KPI?

To determine the success of any business, a key performance indicator is a metric that asses the critical factor. It is very important to choose the right kpi app.  This depends on the factors which the businesses want to evaluate and this KPI s will be based on the department of the evaluation. What may be important for the marketing department may not be important for the finance or sales department. The effective key performance indicators might not be financially related, though an increase in sales is the ultimate. This is the outcome of every effective strategy.

Why Use Mobile App KPI’s?

You should use more kpis for apps as a today large number of people use smartphones. These are used by the people to make purchases and a lot of searches are done by the people through mobile phones. Mostly, about 71% is the internet is spent on your mobile device. In the next coming years, the usage is going to increase more. These are used because organizations can assess their performance well.

5 Of The Most Important Mobile Marketing KPI’s

There are various key performance indicators in mobile marketing. But given below are the five most important key performance indicators mobile marketing:-

  1. Cost per acquisition or cost per install (CPA/CPI) – the most important job as a mobile marketer is to acquire more users.
  1. Daily Active Users (DAU) – there will be no use of acquiring the new users if they are not coming back to use your service or app.
  1. Lifetime value (LTV) – if you want to have a positive return on investment with the acquisition of the users, then you should know your LTV.
  1. Revenue – being a mobile marketer, you will have a unique position so as to use the techniques of mobile marketing to impact the revenue directly.
  1. App downloads – it is another important mobile app kpis which will help you know about the interested users.

Key performance indicators help the businesses organisation in better evaluation.