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5 Reasons to Download the CBA Loop App

by Paul Watson

With the advancement of modern technology, the internet came to our life. And now it is an integral part of our daily activities. Financial industries also took advantage of this, and as a result, online banking became an important thing. So, it is not a big surprise that CBA (Central Bank of Africa) like any other bank in the world took their business online. And their online banking app is called CBA Loop Paybill.

Though the registration process in this app is a bit lengthy and hectic, its benefits outweigh its problems, like:

  • Access to The Bank All Around the year 

With this app on your phone, you don’t need to visit your bank, you can do banking with the press of a button. As long as you are connected to the internet, your transactions can be done smoothly without wasting time. And if you have any queries customer service personnel is always there to help you through it.

  • CBA Loop Paybill

Through the app like any other online banking service, you can recharge your Dish TV, pay your phone, electricity bills with a click, or even less than that; as it remembers when you have to pay your bills and does it on its own. So now it is easy to keep an eye on your spending, as it can be done through only one common source.

  • Low Fees and High Yields

As online banks need less staff and there is less expenditure for renting a place, janitorial staff, etc., this means banks can give these savings to their customer. As a result, CBA online banking system has minimum banking fees, so its customers can get a better banking experience.

  • Help You to Manage Finances

For younger customers base this app many benefits, like they let you know about your savings, how much you should spend, and how to manage your finances to have a good credit score. These things not only help younger minds to prepare for their future but also helps them to avail of the best credits out there.

  • CBA Loop App Gives You Uncensored Loans

With the newly launched app targeting the age group of 19-35, they give you uncensored loans. Alongside CBA Loop Paybill, getting loans also became easy with it. This type of loan is given based on your credit score only without any collateral. It can give you a loan up to 3 million Kenyan shillings if your credit score gives you credibility.

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