5 Tips to Keep Your Clients Onside During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Whether you are entrepreneur, online marketer, SEO consultant, freelance copywriter or anything else that that involves you keeping your clients happy, the COVID-19 outbreak is probably proving to be a tough time. Projects may be slowing down, you might be able to be as productive as you previously were and there is a real sense of worry.

Throughout this period of uncertainty, you need to be focusing on the clients that you do have to ensure that you can hold on to them during this pandemic. Here are our 5 main tips on doing just that.

Be Clear About Your COVID-19 Customer Strategy

We are living in uncertain times right now, so it is important that your customers are assured that you have a strategy in place that keeps them protected. Whether you have banned meetings in person or practising some other hygiene practises, let your clients know your coronavirus strategy as soon as you can. 

Be Upfront About Expectations

Many of your clients will be understanding of the current situation and will know that this pandemic can cause havoc with productivity, deadlines and performance. That said, poor communication throughout a project will only make matters worse. Let your clients know in advance if you are going to struggle to complete any work in time. 

Recompensate to Show How Much You Value Your Clients

If you do have to put a project on hold due to coronavirus, make a gesture of good faith. Although many will understand the situation, show how much their business means to you by sending them something nice. Whether you use a gift delivery service, gift vouchers or a promise for work at reduced costs in the future, there is a greater chance that they will stick with you.

Prepare Promotions for When Things Get Back to Normal

You are likely to be in a situation where you have a lot of time to think. While you are limited in what you can do right now, there is nothing to stop you for preparing for when normality returns. Come up with some great promotions to offer when life returns to normal and let your clients know about them now. That way, you will ensure an onrush of work once this virus is dealt with. 

Use the COVID-19 Outbreak to Enhance Your Relationship With Clients

This outbreak is a testing time for everyone. We are all suffering in one way or another. Use your many communication methods available to you to keep in touch with your clients, support them and provide them with an outlet to vent their frustrations. Relationships will be strengthened for when restrictions are lifted and the world returns to normal. 


You could have a reputation as awesome as https://stuartkerrs.com/ but keeping hold of clients is going to be tough for anyone during the current climate. You need to be doing your best to keeping hold of as many as possible by using our advice above. Played right, you might even come out of this stronger than you were before.