Control Room: The Mobile Photo Editing App

Currently, it is almost a trend to process the images after being taken with the cell phone. Through mobile applications to edit photos such as Instagram, Photolemur, Open Camera, VSCO Cam, among others. However, if you are a lover of perfection through color, then you will know that these are usually not enough.

Those people familiar with professional editing or colorization programs are aware that, althoughtop plugins allow us to manipulate various tools such as exposure, contrast, focus and image temperature, our ability to let our creativity flow is still limited by the absence of more professional tools.

Although many people use these applications with a banal purpose; such as looking better by concealing your dark circles, reducing wrinkles or stylizing your figure, image processing through editing or colorization has become a trend for more artistic purposes today, from basic manipulation such as temperature, contrast, exposure, lights and shadows to Mixer, detail and tones through various filters between warm and cold.

Thanks to Control Room, you will be able to create your own presets so that you no longer have to go through the whole process; and thus, achieve more uniform Lightroom-style results. This also means that you can manipulate your photos from your cell phone while viewing the result through the computer screen. Visit

On the other hand, unlike the computer version, you can create your development panel, so you can choose to have only the settings that you will use for each composition on the screen, excluding those that you will never use; since mostly, a person who is dedicated to colorize their captures already has a defined style.

In addition, you can also organize your images according to their score, signage, grouping and labeling in the application. All the changes you make on your cell phone can be viewed through your computer screen in real-time.