How to Identify Bullies at Workplace

Workplace bullying is an unfortunate incident that every organization tries to avoid, but it stays there and appears again and again. It is a hateful act for many employees but some love to be a bully. Well, most of the bullies do not even know that they are the bully. Indeed, it is their habit. This comes down from childhood. A guy that has been bully at school, college, home, and is his circle becomes a workplace bully. It is much like that parents do not control or change the habit of their kids.

It will not be wrong to say that the modern-day workplaces have become toxic. In many organizations, the high-ups or the bosses themselves are the bully.

Moving further, workplace bullying may include:

  • Target or personality jokes
  • Provide wrong information about work, like wrong detail or incorrect dates
  • Appearing stubborn in practical cases, like someone looking for off because of bad health and denying him
  • Abusing verbally and threatening
  • Humiliating based on caste, religion or performance
  • Criticism without justification
  • Behaving harshly

This all and a few more things included in workplace bullying. Well, the Workplace Bullying Institute states that over 60 million employees are affected by workplace bullying just in the United States. From this, you can imagine how many times a bully appears in your organization.


Workplace bullying needs the active involvement of management. Well, that is because the State and Federal governments provide protection when there is a physical injury because of workplace bullying. Along with that, they cover the bullying on caste or creed. Anything other than that is not covered by the government. 

Indeed it remains on the employer, the HR department, and the management to curb workplace bullying.

What if No Action is taken against Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying begins damage from the base level. It initially cripples the employees. Many good employees tend to leave the organization as they are unable to work in such an environment. Those who keep on working develop psychological, emotional, and physical strains. 

Next onto that, the performance of the employees relegates. They are unable to concentrate on the work, which degrades productivity. Soon as productivity goes down, the organization begins to lose revenue. Finally, the loss may surface.

In the end, the fate of the organization may vary depending upon the type of workplace bullying. If the workplace bullying caused physical injury to the victim, then the organization may be dragged into a lawsuit. Otherwise, poor productivity will enforce the shutdown.

How to Identify Bullies at the Workplace:

Identifying bullies at the workplace is never easy. The bullies are often liars and they never let the blame jump over onto them. Further, most of the times employees do not know what is workplace bullying and the behavior they are bearing of a bully, is it bullying or not. Well, these confusions are hard to distinguish. However, with live monitoring, it becomes easier to identify whether the treatment was workplace bullying or not.

Here are a few things that the organization should do to identify and curb workplace bullying:

Create a Policy: The very first thing that every organization should do is to create a policy against workplace bullying. Though the law does not have any protection available, your policy can protect your employees.

Monitor Employees: The next thing the organizations need is to monitor behavior. For that, they need OgyMogy, an employee monitoring app. With the help of OgyMogy, management can see what the employees are doing. They can monitor their daily performance, their activities other than work and also their behavior with their colleagues. Its features include sound recording, screen monitoring, browser observation, and many other things. All of these let the management easily track the bully.

Take Action: Since you have found the bully, now is the time to take action. Decide as per the policy whether the bully should stay, apologize to his colleagues, or leave the office.

Create a Case Study: Case studies can be of great importance in your policy. Besides bullying organizations should even create case studies on the projects they perform. That can help them improve the work environment and enhance their operations.

In the end, OgyMogy is not just a tool to find bullies at the workplace. It can also help you look into your employees’ performance and upgrade their skills.