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MilesWeb Review – Domains, Web Hosting and More

by Clare Louise

Online business has no end. Come what may be the situation no one can stop it unless the owner wants. Due to the lockdown, many brick and mortar store owners have realized the value of the online business. If you are the owner of any business, then taking it online is the need of an hour. From E-commerce to any software or hardware business can be worked on the online platform.

Do you know, you can take your cake shop online too? Or your clothing store?

Yes, every business needs an online presence to keep it growing.

Let’s see what you need to start an online business?

It is not necessary that one shall have a physical business then only can take it online, you can have an only online business too.

To start an online business, first of all, you need to buy domain hosting (domain registration).

Domain –

It is the name of your company or online business i.e. website. Using this name, people can find you over the internet. It is the name that represents your brand. For example – milesweb.com

Second, think you need is web hosting.

Web hosting –

It is an internet service that takes your business on the internet. Once the website gets ready, it needs to be hosted (stored) on a server to make it accessible over the internet.

As a user, you can buy both them separately or can go for an option like MilesWeb, where you get everything at one place. The company is a shelter for shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc.

About MilesWeb –

It is a web hosting company that was started in the year 2012 to provide the best hosting solution at affordable prices. People from all over the world now use and trust MilesWeb for their support.

The company offers cheap unlimited web hosting that consists of the best of hosting features and resources.

Web Hosting features from MilesWeb –

To make your website running over the internet, it requires hosting resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and other storage space. Along with these, you get the following features with all the plans from MilesWeb :

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is used to encrypt the website’s data when it is been transmitted from one to another site user. Basically, the SSL certificate secures the information that is been exchanged during website browsing. The ‘https’ symbol with a green lock denotes that the website is secured with an SSL certificate can is safe to browse.

SSD storage

Every website needs smooth and fast loading speed to keep its visitors entertained for a long time. Thus, websites hosted on SSD servers get accelerated up to 200 times faster and thus provides a better user experience.


Every website is built on PHP and MySQL so the hosting too needs it. MilesWeb provides the latest version of PHP and MySQL so that the website remains up to date. It also eliminates the risk of a virus attack on the site. Backend software at MilesWeb keeps updating this software automatically as soon as the new release comes out.

Free migration

If you are already a hosting user but are fed up with your provider by whatsoever reason, then it’s the time to migrate your site to a different server. Though migration needs proper handling of website data, MilesWeb does it for free. Their team ensures that your website gets migrated on their server without any data loss or downtime.

1 click installer

The use of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. is increasing rapidly, and you must not fall back. Thus, 1 click installer tool from MilesWeb allows you to install all these and more such applications in just clicks.

Website builder tool

If you are a newbie and don’t have any technical knowledge about developing a website, then the website builder tool helps you with it. Using this tool, you can create any type of professional or personal website. To use the tool, just select a theme and put content into it, and the website gets created in minutes.

Watch here: How to create a website in minutes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drk5P-PAi2o

These features can make all types of website to grow without any limits.

To register a domain first you need to find out whether the domain is available or not. To do so, visit – milesweb.com/hosting/domains and you will be taken to the web page as shown below. In the domain name section, mention the name you want and from drop-down select the extension as needed.

MilesWeb offers a free domain name with Swift and Turbo plans.

You can register any type of domain extensions like :

Country specific –

A country-code domain is the best way to connect to local people or from a particular location. For example select extension .in for India, .co.uk for UK, etc.

Generic –

These extensions are divided on the basis of the sector they belong to. For example select .edu for educational institutes, .cake for a cake shop.

Global –

These are the top-level domains that are used to target the global market.

For example select .com for commercial business and .org for organization (profit/ non-profit).

Conclusion :

To start an online business focus on three steps (i) selecting and registering a domain, (ii) select hosting plan, and (iii) launch a website.

MilesWeb is defiantly the best place to start with and make your dream online business come true. They provide 24/7 technical support, 99.95% uptime, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

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