Online Computer Repair and Remote Virus Removal

Although utilizing a remote online computer professional is undoubtedly the best option for PC assistance, some drawbacks. Customers who have previously employed an online computer repair service for their computer problems with less-than-satisfactory solutions continuously tell me horror stories. Pc repairs in Sydney have compiled a list of computer scams to be aware of when hiring someone to give remote computer support:

Is it based in the United States?

Most individuals don’t want to speak with someone from India who has a thick accent that they are difficult to understand. That is why many websites will state that they are based in the United States. Are they, however, genuine? Many websites claim to be in the United States, but the person on the phone who purports to be in the United States still sounds like someone from India.

Super Low Cost:

Some companies promise to be able to eliminate viruses, correct any problems and do a PC tune-up, all for the low cost of $39.99. As someone who has worked full-time in the computer repair industry for the past 24 years, I can tell you that accomplishing everything and doing it well takes many hours. How are they able to do this at such a low cost? There are three possibilities:

  1. Hire a bunch of inexperienced young nerds and let them practice on your computer.
  2. Establish a base in India, the Philippines, or another low-cost foreign country.
  3. Do the bare minimum to get by without regard for the quality of your work.

Certified: Are you sure?

Is it stated on the website that you will be repairing your computer? Is the computer technician’s name, credentials, and experience listed on the website? When I called some of these ostensibly Microsoft-certified websites and asked which accreditation was held with Microsoft, the computer service provider could not provide me with an answer.

Free Antivirus Software:

After the repair, the online computer care provider provides free antivirus software. You should be aware that they merely provide you with stuff you may obtain for free elsewhere. You get what you pay for once more. Free antivirus software is better than nothing, but only by a bit of margin. Every day, we remove malware from machines protected by free antivirus software but are heavily contaminated. Only the antivirus software that you buy will suffice.

Here’s how the Free Scan Scam works.


Because your printer isn’t working, you contact a remote computer repair service. The online pc repairs in Sydney connect to your PC and diagnose the problem for free, with no strings attached. It’s a free diagnosis! It is something that a lot of people fall for. This software identifies hundreds of registry mistakes, event log problems, and dozens of viruses, trojans, and malware in less than 3 minutes.