The Best Netflix Movies for Lockdown

Whether you are in full lockdown, under some form of restrictions or cannot work due to international pandemic of coronavirus, there is a good chance that you have been spending a lot of time watching movies. Netflix is probably one of the best sources of movies right now but how many times have you started to watch a random movie only to turn it off halfway through due to boredom? Even if you have access to multiple regions thanks to a Netflix VPN, it can sometimes be difficult sort the gems from the trash.

This is why we have put together a list of the best movies that are currently available on the popular streaming site. This will limit the number of wasted hours when you choose something that is not worth watching.

Here are 4 great movies currently showing on Netflix:

The Irishman

Many of you would have grown up on some fantastic gangster movies such as Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface and the Godfather. Not many since have been able to live up to the quality that they had shown. Until now that is as the Irishman is a critically-acclaimed movie that will leave you more than satisfied come the credits.

The Matrix

The Matrix is far from a new movie but it is old enough now that watching it back would be a good idea. The special effects at the time were spell-binding but it was the storyline that also gripped most of us when this movie was first released. Even better is that you also have two sequels to get through as well. You could watch all three in one sitting to really kill some time.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This is an old movie from the ’70s but unless you are British and in your 40’s and above, you are unlikely to have seen it. This comedy will leave you in stitches as it has you following King Arther and his followers as they go on a quest to find the holy grail. Seriously, if you have not seen this movie, we recommend that you do.

Inglorious Bastards

Tarantino movies are always quirky, unique and violent and one of his best in recent years has been Inglorious Bastards. Now more than ten years old, it might be a good time to be reminded about how good this director can be. Based on two separate plots to assassinate Adolph Hitler, this has to be classed as one of the best war dramas of modern times.

Those four movies should fill up a bit of time while on lockdown but there are certainly more to be found on Netflix. Now would be a good time to catch up with some of the best television series too but that is for another article. As a side note, Netflix offers different movies for different regions, so you might need a vpn netflix to watch some of the above movies.