What Should You Expect From A Dell Tower Server Below 20K Baht?

Most of you know about servers and pretty much everything about their functions. So what is a tower server first hand? First things first, it looks like a tower and is a computer designed to serve as a server. It looks much like a Cabinet of the CPU of a computer.

Just like the CPU, a tower server too can handle different tasks and processes. They are popular considering the fact you can add multiple servers together in an existing network because of the independent nature of the tower servers.

Talking about Dell’s PowerEdge T40 or SNST401, which is a tower server, is a great choice if your budget is below 20K Baht. So, what can you expect from it and what is the specification? You will find all of the answers below.

Detailed Specification Of The PowerEdge T40

The Dell PowerEdge T40 has a 3.5 GHz powered Intel Xeon E-2224G processor with 8M cache memory. It also has a powerful DDR4 2666MT RAM of 8 GB divided into 4 individual slots. The DDR4 RAM combined with the powerful 3.5 GHz processor is a bang for your bucks at this price range. You can expect effortless performance from the SNST401 for your commercial purposes.

With a 3.5 inch Cable Hard Drive, storage will not be an issue either. The PowerEdge T40 contains a massive 1 TB of Hard Disk storage with it. Talking about software Raid, it has the Intel VROC 6.X onboard. There is a DVD Drive too for your convenience. Gigabyte Ethernet is what you get as a NIC Adapter. A Bronze Power adapter of 300W juices up the SNST401 with power. It has a Mini Tower chassis and contains 3 x 35” cabled hard drives.

Eager to know about the warranty of this Dell tower server, are you? Well, the PowerEdge T40 offers you 3 years of ProSupport and Mission Critical support 24×7. Besides, you also get onsite service added to these.

Should You Be Spending Your Bucks On This Product?

Speaking frankly, if you are having a budget of below 20K Baht or above 15K bucks, then this is it. The Dell PowerEdge T40 will live up to the expectations of what it should deliver with these spec lists.

Dell is a reliable name in the industry and you can trust that. Even if the other factors do not fascinate you, the brand name will do.