Where to Start in Social Media Listening Campaign

Social media listening is an essential strategy that is currently helping most of the companies to adjust their marketing techniques and refocus to gain more attention in the market. It involves an active focus on the entire market of trying to figure out what the industry is saying about the products and services that the company is offering. It is also essential to highlight that listeners should also pay attention to what the industry is saying about the company.

The problem with social listening is that most of the companies don’t know what to listen to or what to check in the industry. Most of the companies only pay attention to the industry without knowing precisely what to listen to and what to do after getting mentions from the market. There are some crucial areas to consider when actively engaged in social listening to avoid making mistakes in the entire social media campaign.

  • Brand Mentions

In social media listening, brand mentions should be on the frontline as it has everything to do with the company. In fact, most of the stakeholders out there in the market who will likely mention the company in social platforms are likely to consider using the brand as it will have the maximum impact in the market. The brand of the company is the ultimate focus area that social media listeners should actively focus on so that they can collect relevant information about what is happening in social platforms.

  • Keyword Mentions

Keyword mentioning is another vital area that plays a central role in the success of any social listening and social media analysis campaign that companies should consider. Any company that is engaged in social media listening should pay attention to the keywords that could be referencing the company. Most of the companies have been successful in listening campaigns because they have specifically focused on getting information about their products and services through keyword filtering. Keyword listening provides exact information that is directed to the company.

  • Niche Market Mentions

Niche market mentions is another important strategy that companies should make sure they analyze so that they can achieve their goals and objectives with ease. Any company should be interested in niche mentions as it could give it some insightful information that it can use to achieve success in the niche or achieve tremendous goals in the market. Niche market mentions could as well be directed to all the companies in a specific niche on how they can improve their products and services, which is important information for a company to have.

  • Customer Mentions

Customers are essential in any business. They are the reason why your company exists. As such, any social media mention that is directed to your customers is an important point of concern that you should consider. It is an innovative strategy that most of the companies have been using to respond on behalf of their customers and thereby emerge as concerned companies. Responding on behalf of your customers could win your company some loyalty points.

  • Competitor Mentions

An important area that you cannot ignore is all the hashtags and mentions associated with your competitors. In social media listening, you need to make sure that you get one over your competitor. When negative mentions are available on social media platforms, it is time to pounce hard. If customers are concerned about the quality of the products your customer is offering, it is that time of the year when you market about the quality of your products.

There are other important areas that companies should always consider when they are involved in social media listening. However, working with experienced and knowledgeable social analytical companies such as NetBase will help companies to improve their social listening areas.