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The Best Figma Design System

by Paul Petersen

The design industry has taken leaps of transformation. Design, which is inherent in every object in modern times, has added more dimensions to its being. Earlier the design industry was manipulated by software like Adobe and Sketch. But with the advent of the Figma Design System, things have changed at large. Today, Figma is undoubtedly the most used design interface in the world.

What is a Design System?

A design system is a platform where the designers and the entire team can collaborate and work together at product management, coding, designing, etc. 

In short a design system is a universe in itself that facilitates all the activities related to designing. It is a cohesive platform.

What is Figma Design System?

Figma is one such design system like that of Adobe and Sketch where all the work related to design is done. However, this platform has revolutionized the design field. Unlike its counterparts, this design system is online-based. Much of its applications are available from the very beginning and raw form of the system. Figma design system uses very minimal plugins.

73PX – The best Figma Design System

The new 73px is a design system for Figma which boosts up its speed by many times. It helps you create any design within a short period. 73px is considered to be the best design system for Figma. This article looks to identify the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Why is the 73px design system best for Figma?

It is the best for the Figma Design System due to the customized features it offers. The 73px boosts up the capabilities of Figma and makes the system more flexible. Some changes that the use of 73px can bring to Figma are mentioned below.

  • Customized Elements 

With the use of 73px, elements such as color, text can be customized in a much easier and less time-consuming way. The changes get reflected instantly and can be seen over the entire design system.

  • Creating Engaging Design

73px components amalgamate with hovers and text editing to make the design work more engaging, useful, and attractive to the public.

  • Typography

73px makes the typography system more accurate. The font families get updated across the system very quickly without disturbing the current project.

  • Enhanced Auto Layout Support

The 73px design system supports the auto-layout function of Figma. With 73px, text and elements can be easily moved through the design. The addition and deletion of elements also get more convenient.

  • A wide range of Styles

The 73px system has a wide range of 185 organized styles. This is the most effective and robust palette that any design system can offer.

Benefits of Using 73px Design System

There are many benefits of using a 73px design system for Figma. It enhances the functioning of the Figma system and adds up new elements to it which results in better functioning of the system. The use of the 73px design system is beneficial for all the three – the designers, the product managers, and the developers.

  • Designers: With the vast number of styles available, the designers can create effective designs.
  • The Product Managers: With the speed, 73px adds to the system, the managers can create impressive prototypes within minutes.
  • The Developers: Consistent elements help in the stable and proper writing line of coding.

The 73px is a blessing to the Figma system. It accentuates the working of the system. 73px is indeed the best design system for Figma. The application of this system can help users develop more effective products. The 73px design system is worth your trial.

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