How Do Social Apps Bring Together An Entire Community?

We humans are inherently social creatures. This biological fact makes it more difficult for us to stay in complete social isolation, especially if one loves to interact with everyone daily. Fortunately, we live in the technologically-advanced era of social apps. Bestyn is one such amazing, visually appealing multi-functional social app that focusses on bringing neighbors of a community closer (virtually). Just visit and have a look at its features. But how does a mere app connect an entire community these coronavirus days?

Catch Up With Family And Friends

This pandemic has put all our plans for meetups and gatherings on hold for an indefinite time. Here’s where social apps shine. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee with your friends and neighbors virtually all courtesy of such apps. Bestyn is one such easy-to-use social app that helps connect you with your new future best-friend (aka your neighbor). By using the app, you can chat with your community members, share photos, videos, recipes, and whatnot. 

Up-To-Date Neighborhood News

Social isolation is not a piece of cake, especially if you are a social butterfly with a strong urge to be up-to-date with the latest neighborhood headlines. With Bestyn by your side, you can stay in touch with your neighbors without risking your health. A safe neighborhood houses a prosperous community. So if you or anyone have noticed anything remotely fishy (someone lurking around, someone misbehaving, any missing pet, etc.) in your surrounding, you can instantly report it to your neighborhood Bestyn group to help people be aware. 

Boost Your Business

Apart from being in the loop with neighborhood news, social apps are also great for promoting businesses. Are you an aspiring local businessperson? Do you plan to popularize your home-based bakery business? Never underestimate the combined power of social media apps and friendly recommendations. You’ll be delighted to know that the Bestyn app has the Business Profile option, where you can create your business account, post pictures of your services, advertise your business among your neighbors, and watch your clientele grow exponentially. Bestyn knows and acknowledges the power of word-of-mouth, local communities, and friend circles.

Planning An Event

A neighborhood event is a great way to de-stress from your workload, connects with the community you live in, and be up-to-date with every big and small happening. Do you want to celebrate your promotion while staying at home? Or are you and your neighbors planning an online workout session? Bestyn ensures that its users never miss any local yet important events- be it any party, promotion celebration, or even a garage sale.