Quick Look at The HP 67 Ink Cartridge Series and Few Printing Hacks

Printers are a great investment not just in offices, but even at home. You can instantly have printouts with a few clicks. In this post, let’s understand HP 67 ink cartridge series and some printing hacks that can help you gain more from the printers.

HP 67——a glimpse!

HP ink 67 can be bought from reliable suppliers like Need More Ink Store on the internet. You can buy in two sizes —-High yield and Standard yield. The black ink cartridge is pigment-based, so dries quickly and does not fade. The dye-based tri-color ink cartridge includes magenta, yellow, and cyan, which creates radiant photo prints. 

How many pages does HP 67 ink can print?

  • Standard yield black – 120 pages
  • Standard yield tri-color – 100 pages
  • High yield black – 240 pages
  • High yield tri-color – 200 pages

The difference between standard and high yield is the ink amount filled inside. Size is the same and even installation is similar but high yield cartridges hold more ink. With a high yield, you can save on overall printing. Standard yield cartridge is less costly, but comparing the per-page cost high yield offer better value. 

Printing hacks 

There are several functionalities that users are not aware of, so lack the chance to take advantage of their printers. To make printing more effective and efficient there are some hacks you can consider.

  • As soon as the warning light of low ink starts blinking people replace the cartridge. There is no need to rush in replacing the cartridge as soon as the warning light starts blinking. Wait for printing quality to reduce before replacing fresh toner or ink. 
  • If your prints don’t need to be photorealistic then opt for economy mode [in new printers]. It helps the cartridge to last a little longer.
  • There are times when you run out of ink and there is no fresh toner cartridge. Remove the ink cartridge and blast it with a hairdryer. The dried ink melts and you can have a couple of pages easily finished.
  • You inserted a fresh ink cartridge yet the prints come out faded then it is a print head issue. The print head is clogged, so use a cartridge cleaner and clear the block instantly. 
  • Remember to print what is necessary to save paper, money, and energy. To print everything is tempting but if you take time to fix the layout and minimize pages ink saving is significant.
  • If you need monochrome printouts then print only in black. If you choose tri-color ink cartridge you can end up using some, which is just a waste. Printing only text for reading means black is better.
  • While installing the printer on your PC, there may be a need to install a couple of unnecessary software. Determine the printing type you need and delete unnecessary software. It helps to save computer memory and your computer functions much better.  

If you need printing supplies then visit the online ink store and enjoy a top-notch customer experience along with great savings!