Social Media Monitoring In Real-time Using the Services of NetbaseQuid

Most e-commerce sites today use various social media platforms to communicate with both prospective and current clients. These networks can give your company the platform to connect with customers on a one-on-one basis. Social media monitoring aims at gauging how people comment on your brand or company online. Straightforwardly, social media monitoring is the use of a tool like NetBaseQuid to listen to what people say across the internet. It monitors media from traditional publishers and on several social sites.

Its synonyms include Social Listening, Buzz Analysis, Online Analytics, Social Media Management, Social Media Intelligence, and social media measurement.

How media monitoring tools work

Like a search engine that sends crawlers to websites, media monitoring tools are algorithm-based. They crawl sites continuously indexing them. The scrolling on sites such as Twitter is in real-time. However, the scrolling on other websites is usually less, mainly if they are less informative or essential.

Some tools do this crawling themselves while others use data providers. Anyway, after indexing all those websites, you can search for them. Most software uses some search strings or queries that users write to find mentions of a particular word and phrase on those pages. The tool brings these “mentions “back into its interface, which you can then read, slice, and dice, etc.

Benefits of using social media monitoring tools

Social media analytics can affect your marketing strategy. If you implement active social monitoring, you will aim to search online social networks for phrases or keywords directly associated with your brand. Why try a social analytics company like NetBase Quid? Your clients, rivals, and ex-employees are already on social media platforms shouting your company’s name. Whether they’re giving you a positive review, condemning your customer service department, or just trying to find answers to a question, it is vital to get the information. Key benefits of working with a media monitoring software provider like NetBaseQuid includes:

  • Ability to spy on your competitors
  • You can learn what customers might not tell you
  • It enables you to learn how to offer better customer service
  • Ability to respond to customers on social accounts in real-time
  • Use the positive customer review to build brand authenticity and credibility
  • Use the negative review to correct miscalculations in your business
  • Gauge which digital marketing strategies are performing well and the bad

Social media managers can customize monitoring tools to give alerts whenever people mention your brand online. It is more efficient than scrolling through infinite posts or performing manual searches on endless keywords that your target customers might not even be searching for in the first place.

Leading social media monitoring opportunities


Facebook is by far the most significant platform and is a sound lead generation and its advertising platform. You can use it to target product reviews and particular audiences. It is also an excellent platform for constructing and solidifying relationships with clients. You can use it to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your PR and the human side of your business in converting leads into loyal clients.


Twitter is a suitable platform to monitor if your strategy is about immediacy, and if you aim to take advantage of breaking news, important messages, and announcements to market your goods. It is an excellent platform for monitoring your “how-to articles,” quotations, and listicles.


LinkedIn is characteristically the best platform for B2B companies, and mainly if your goal is to monitor recruitment and lead generation. It is a perfect platform for editorial content. It can help portray your business as a reliable leader in your field and help reinforce your product’s authority.


Images dominate Pinterest and are an excellent platform if you aim at monitoring consumer-buying behaviors. Most users plan procurements using the platform. The number of women on it outweighs men. Pinterest is a graphics-heavy platform that appeals to art, décor, food, wedding, fashion, travel, and other industries that leverages themes that produce striking and stunning pictures.

Social media monitoring can give you a pointer into what customers are saying about your products in real-time. It gathers available data publicly and organizes it so that you can make it work in your favor. You can use it to improve your online presence.