The Many Applications Of The PIR Fresnel Lens


An electronic sensor that is capable of measuring infrared light emitted from objects in its field of vision is better-known as a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR sensor). This type of sensor is generally used in motion detectors based on PIR technology. It is used in automatic lighting and security alarms. 

How PIRs Work

The scope of a PIR Fresnel lens is to detect any kind of movement. However, it doesn’t give any information on the source of any movement. For this purpose, the use of an imaging PIR is made. These sensors are so-called because they do not emit any energy for the purpose of identification. However, they work identifying infrared radiation emitted by objects or rebounding from them. 

Applications of PIRs

Automatic Lighting

The electronics that are part of a 3Dlens are often used in lighting systems. Here, they control an inbuilt relay that has the power to switch mains voltage. By this, it is evident that the PIR can be used to switch on lights connected to the PIR whenever it detects any movement. You will see this in use quite commonly in the outdoors as security lighting or as front door lights in homes. 

These sensors are also used in hallways, public toilets, and walk-in pantries or just about anywhere that automatic lights controls are in use. This provides the necessary savings in energy as the lights are used economically when they are required. Also, it is not incumbent on the users to remember to switch off the lights when the room is not in use anymore. 

Other Applications

It is also used in outdoor lighting, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, garden lighting, covered parking areas, basements, lift lobbies, and common staircases. 

Considering its many applications, it is well worth investing in PIRs. If you are interested in using such lighting for your home or office, go in only for 3Dlens. Its products are revolutionary and modern and crafted for contemporary use.