Which Boss Laser Will Be Best for You?

Laser cutting and engraving are the cutting edge at the moment. Crafters VLOGs and Pinterest boards abound with ideas on all the fantastic projects you can accomplish with the help of a laser cutting machine. But it’s crucial to have an idea about the types of projects you envision for yourself so you can be sure to invest in the right machine.

There are many types of lasers and machines to choose from. Most of those also offer an array of accessories to further take you on your customization journey. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine which of the lasers available at Boss Laser are right for your needs.

Frequency of Use

Are you looking for a laser cutter for crafting or for industrial purposes? The primary difference between these answers is how much use the machine will get. The more frequent the use, the more heavy-duty the machine needs to be. A hobby crafter may only use their machine once or twice per day, but a machine intended for industrial use needs to be ready to withstand ongoing, repetitive use.

Budget Considerations

Budget is almost always at the top of the list of considerations when purchasing a new tool. The reality is that you get what you pay for. But you want to find that comfort zone where you’re getting as much machine quality for the amount you can allot to the purchase. Knowing what budget, you have to work with can help narrow the field of would-be candidates.

Available Space

A laser cutter machine is no small appliance. The space available a question that can quickly derail the best intentions. Make a point to assess the space available and ensure you have enough room from the machine that you have your eye on. Also, remember that there needs to be space open around the machine to manoeuvre the materials in and out. Some choice accessories will add to the footprint, driving the need to factor the area with the machine of interest.

Type of Projects

Are you looking for a laser to use for cutting, engraving, or creating? The laser head is different in these differing applications. As well, the standard size of the base may be a consideration pending the size of the materials or mediums to be used.

Explore Reviews

Product reviews can be a great way to see if those laser users who are creating the types of projects you intend are satisfied with the machine they invested in. You can sometimes learn from others’ mistakes and avoid making the same mistake yourself. Investigate how other owners are enjoying their machines. What do they wish they’d done differently?

Get Started

If you’ve been inspired to pursue the world of laser cutting or engraving, these considerations will hopefully help you know which machine model will best serve your purposes. The result of a good match of machines and expectations will set you on a path of satisfaction with your laser.