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Best running TV BOX Game

by Paul Watson

Tired of playing the games with you now? Looking for a new game to have some fun? Then friends here I got a new game for you. you can play this fantastic game in your Android for free. I am sure that playing this game will become a different experience for you. the name of this nice game I am going to discuss is the game Fast Like a Fox Android TV.

What is this Fast Like a Fox?

This is a game where you have to chase after some of the thieves. The thieves are some kind of secretive minions. They stole the valuable treasures from your Tribe. Fox. You are a strong and an intelligent Fox. You are the one who chooses by your tribe to get your treasures back. So, you have to chase after the thieves faster as possible. So, my friends here you are the Fox and chase after thieves.

The game is free and you can download it easily from the Google play Store or from any other App market. The game is full of adventures and challenges for you. Play easily and complete your quest.

If this game lags or not running smoothly as expected, you can use cleaning tools like Clean Master to boost game performance on Android devices. You can install clean master apk on your Android phone using Filelinked.

What is the specialty about this nice game?

I am sure that the coolest feature include here is a completely a new feature to you. what is that? Friends, in here while playing the game you can control the speed of you or the Fox by tapping the backside of your Android. Rather than tapping the screen you can tap on the back of the phone. A new way of playing a game. In here the game take the use of the internal sensors of your device. To play this game in an excited way you have to learn the tapping techniques. But nothing to worry. It’s quite a simple. While running faster sometimes you have to jump through the obstacles. Then comes the other hand. By tapping on the screen, can make your fox jump high above.

Features of Fast Like a Fox

There are many features include there in the game for you to have better experience of gaming.

The Fox in the game runs through different challenges and different areas. You may pass snow, mountains, caves, cities, valleys and etc. in your chasing. The route of the Fox is bundled with so many challenges for you to overcome. Master the tapping techniques. Then can win very easily.

While moving forward along your path there are many challenges and features that you can unlock one by one. All these features lead to attract you towards this cool game.

In your journey you can collect coins, diamonds or emeralds. There are some levels you come across. Each level offers three goals to accomplish. If you are a genius in controlling the speed and the jumps then nothing to worry about. Go for the highest score very easily.

If you like to have a different fun and level of gaming then hurry and download in your Android now. Don’t even loose a second. The best way to spend your free time is this.

You install this game via play store. If your device does not have play store app, you can use other sources like AC Market or Aptoide.

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