Contents for the Right Social Media Exposure

Users are attentive to the content they like or share. Social networks are becoming more selective, giving places in the feed to private pages rather than business groups. This is one of the main problems of promoting a business on social networks, because to get high positions you have to invest in advertising. Representatives of Facebook are especially tough on this, but the situation does not look rosier in other social networks either. However, there are loopholes and a set of free methods that will help overcome all the problems of promoting a business on social media and seo media.

Optimization for Queries

Social networks have an impact on SEO, so it is advisable to use keywords when promoting a public. With their help, potential subscribers will be able to find your blog among hundreds of others. Queries should be used in:

  • Group name;
  • Content;
  • Comments.

To select keywords, you can use third-party tools , for example, SEO Ranking, which will help you compose the correct semantics. Note that a group’s positions are influenced by different types of activity – from likes to comments. Therefore, in posts it is necessary to urge users to perform some action, which will have a positive effect on the internal rating. When using queries, do not spam, it is better to focus on natural occurrences.

The Magic of Hashtags

When developing a business on social networks, one should not forget about Hashtags, which are thematic queries. With their help, you can easily bring the publication to the first positions. Selecting Hashtags is similar to selecting keywords, because they can be low, medium and high-frequency. The choice is made based on the specifics of the niche or using online tools. It is worth remembering that Hashtags should complement the material and be relevant. You should not use mega-popular words, because this approach will lead to the fact that posts do not stand out against the background of competitors.

What Other Free Methods Can You Use To Promote On Social Media?

For promotion, you can use other tools that demonstrate high efficiency:

  • Website promotion using social networks
  • Bonuses for activity: We are talking about discounts and promotional codes that users will receive for comments, likes, reposts, etc. It is worth stimulating communication in order to increase activity on the page and attract new followers;
  • Communication: It will be possible to manage opinions, promptly respond to reviews that have a negative or neutral color. Communication demonstrates that the brand, company or online store has an interest in meeting customer requirements;
  • Contests: Competitions are also associated with the manifestation of activity on the page. At the finish line the best participants will receive prizes. The audience happily responds to such campaigns and even searches for them using Hashtags;
  • Cross marketing: As part of cross-marketing, two or more publics agree on joint cooperation. One sells cosmetics, the other sells fashionable clothes, why not run a promotion or joint advertising campaign to save money? The main rule is that a partner should work in a related, and not in a similar niche, which will avoid competition.

At this stage, do not forget to publish backlinks from social networks, respond to requests, create quality content by integrating Hashtags and keywords into it.

Paid Promotion

The set of tools and the nature of advertising campaigns is determined by the social network, we will consider universal options:

Targeted ads supplemented with a retargeting pixel. The first is characterized by flexible settings and can be adapted to the target audience. The pixel is necessary in order to track the actions of users who came from the social network to the site.

Paid advertising from influencer bloggers. It is highly priced but widespread. Advertising is advisory in nature, but users are actively buying what their idol advises. At first, you can start with bloggers with up to 1,000 followers, which will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool.