Digital Forensic Experts vs Data Recovery Specialists: How their Jobs Differ

Digital forensics experts and data recovery specialists share similar jobs but there are fundamental differences that separate them. These professionals provide essential tools necessary in this digital age. Keep reading to learn more about digital forensics and what makes it different from common data recovery:

What Involves in Common Data Recovery

Computer users who have deleted or lost essential data they want to retrieve can hire data recovery professionals. Whether they accidentally deleted the data from a computer, or a device breaks down and loses saved information, a data recovery expert has tools they will use to possibly recover lost data. Usually, their services help in recovering information from one disk drive. Additionally, they specialize in hardware repair because fixing damaged disk drives and extracting data recovery for damaged devices is an important element of their profession. Data recovery can fall under digital forensics; however, the application, work environment, and specialization of data recovery experts differ from that of Elijaht cyber forensics.

What Digital Forensics Experts Do

Digital forensic specialists carry out a lot of the same daily tasks as data recovery specialists. These include uncovering previously deleted information and acquiring lost information. But, although data recovery specialists are hired by private computer users or businesses in need of data recovery, digital forensics experts have skills applicable to law enforcement and criminal investigations. A digital forensics specialist is hired during a criminal investigation to uncover possibly incriminating data that could be used in a court case. They could uncover evidence such as emails, videos, photos, audio recordings, text messages, internet search history, and others. Digital forensics experts can restore previously deleted information with advanced data recovery technology. Also, they can be called into court to testify during a trial. They have the ability to analyze and examine nearly any memory-based device for information that could be useful in court. 

Digital forensics experts and data recovery specialists are experts in digital data preservation and retrieval. But, they differ in terms of the application of their jobs. At Elijah, digital forensics and safe data recovery professionals have the necessary skills to recover nearly all forms of digital transformation that could possibly useful in court. If your company has been a victim of cyber attacks or data theft, digital forensics experts form Elijah are more than happy to serve you and help your company uncover all pieces of evidence you can use as you try to pursue claims in court.